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Sally Hansen Air Brush Legs is described as a “Leg Makeup”. However, this innovative product can be used all over the body to cover veins, freckles and any imperfections giving a smooth flawless skin.

The Air Brush Leg Spray and Lotion both are makeup artist and A-list celebrities cult favorite and it is a must-have product in their kit.

These mild sage scented body foundation spray/lotions come in 3 shades i.e light, medium and deep and all are in tanner shade with a hint of shimmer (for a sunkissed glow) i.e it not only adds color to the skin but also is a quick fix for the covering any imperfection with fabulous staying power. It is a water-proof formula; does not wash off on contact with water but washing with soap to remove completely. It becomes transfer-proof once dry (unless a lot of friction/rubbing) making it easily buildable.

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SPRAY: Shake the bottle well before use, for an even application. Spray on palms and apply on desired areas; arms, legs, and body. Blend evenly and completely. Spraying directly onto area will cause streaking and difficulty to blend since the product will accumulate at one point.

LOTION: Squeeze a few drops onto palm and apply to desired areas. You can use your hand as well as a Kabuki brush (foundation brush) to blend out the product evenly.

A little goes a long way, you can start with a small quantity and build it if you require more coverage. It takes at least 10- 15 minutes to dry and is advisable to wait before applying a second coat since like all foundations this too oxidizes. Let it completely dry and then change clothes to prevent ruining clothes. Wear a bathrobe or bath gown to prevent your clothes getting spoiled.

Drawback: Limited color variety.

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